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The Cross is the Key

The Cross is perhaps the most recognizable Christian symbol of all. Yes, it represents the method by which Jesus was crucified and the compelling message of the Cross which includes not only Jesus’s death, but also His burial and resurrection. The power of God is the message of the Cross but we often fail to understand that a deep and profound meaning lies in this simple and common symbol.

Love, Identity, & Purpose

Down through the centuries, man has struggled with the question about the “meaning of life.” In considering this, one may be asking about the essence of life, about life’s purpose, about whether anything matters, and a host of other things. However, at the core, we are really asking:

Who am I? Why do I exist? Am I worthy of love?

The good news is that God answers these questions for humanity and that His plan has always been for YOU to experience the amazing life that He passionately created for you to live here on this earth and forever in eternity.

Free Indeed

Explore the love of God the Father, the work of Christ on the Cross, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the truths of Scripture as he presents a roadmap to discovering and understanding the obstacles that have held you back from living a fulfilled, abundant life.

Hearing God

There is no question that the Lord speaks to us. But are we listening to what He is saying? There are a number of ways to improve and increase your ability to hear the life-giving words God speaks to you.

Hearing God will take you on an exciting journey of growing in fellowship with Him and walking in His ways as you respond to His voice.

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